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Backcountry Fly Fishermans Association

February 7th, 2023 6:30 pm

BFFA Club Meeting

at the Italian American Club

1471 Cypress Ave




Capt. Tyler Treece

is our February Speaker on

West Yellowstone Fishing

Captain Tyler, who lives in Vero Beach, has been a fishing fanatic since he was old enough to hold a rod. At age 8 his father and grandfather introduced him to the fly rod. The rest is history. Throughout college in Ohio, Captain Tyler guided for anything with fins. He has since graduated to being a full-time professional fishing guide, spending over 300 days a year on the water.

From October to May, Captain Tyler can be found putting clients on Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Speckled Trout in the Indian River Lagoon and surrounding waters. The captain’s summer months are spent in Yellowstone country, guiding the most famous trout streams in the mountain west; the Yellowstone, the Henry's Fork, the Madison, and the South Fork of the Snake.

An expert fly tyer and fly cast instructor, Captain Tyler is a consummate professional in the fly fishing world, but he also knows what it takes to catch fish. If light artificial lures, or even live bait is needed to get the job done, Captain Tyler will do whatever necessary to ensure you have a great day on the water.




 Ramblings and other news

Shad season is starting out with the typical where are they now situation. There have been recent reports of shad being caught near Hwy 46 and then other reports from as far south as SR 520. So, you just need to get out there and keep searching. 

Recently while looking online, I came across this post --, which leads you to a treasure trove of old Florida Wildlife magazines from the late 1940’s to 1979. They are a great way to look in the past and what Florida was like back then for those who took advantage of the fishing and hunting at that time.  I keep looking through these magazines to see if there were reports of shad being caught up the Ocklawaha River before the Army Corps of Engineers put in Rodman Dam in 1968 as part of the Cross Florida Barge Canal project. As you probably know the Barge Canal project was stopped before completion  and there has been ongoing political movements to put the river back to a “partially restored” status. So, it does make one realize that if the dam wasn’t there before 1968 then the shad had free reign to take a hard right during the spawning migration and travel down the Ocklawaha River or continue south on the St. Johns. Pre-Rodman Dam, that means that the shad migration would have also went southwest all the way down to Lake Harris. What a scenario that would have been, fishing for shad near Leesburg.  If they ever do the “partial restoration”  I have to admit that splitting off the migration of the shad and the potential of impacting the numbers of them to catch   shad is not something I had on my wish list but even this old Florida Boy (yep, once you hit 70 that term works) realizes that it is more about the fish species being able to thrive and offering more of their original habitat than my puttering around on the St. Johns.


Also, our club is now on Facebook thanks to Alec

Buchness. Check it out and follow --Backcountry Flyfishing Assoc of Brevard (BFFA).





March Club Auction



Welcome to our 2023 annual BFFA-Brevard auction coming up at our March 7th meeting. This year's

auction is adding in some new wrinkles and looks once again to be a fun filled evening. Just to give

everyone an understanding of the purpose of our auction, this is our main fundraiser which enables the club to bring in monthly speakers, as well as the special occasion speakers we bring in for day long events. In the past, speakers for those day long events have included Andy Mills, Chico Fernandez, Lefty Kreh, etc.

So, this fundraiser is pivotal to our continued success for future speakers and the continued support of

 our membership at this event is vital.




Remember, each member is required to bring in an item for the auction. This item for auction should be

 either new or in a gently used condition. We will also have items for auction not brought in by members,

which have been donated by companies or other people. Some of the items this year will be guided

fishing trips, framed prints, rod travel cases, a fly tying vices, flies, fly boxes, etc.  Pictures of some of

these items are shown or described below. 
































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